Mr. G.-M. Dubois has developed an unique, perfectly bio-compatible high-technology product.

The eye prostheses produced with the technology of G.-M. Dubois are obtained thanks to a three-dimensional imprint of the eye cavity that respects the anatomic situation.


The eye prostheses are particularly indicated for:

  • patients who present a difficult post-operation situation and are not satisfied with the result.
  • Every situation where a new surgery can be avoided, thanks to insertion of an eye prosthesis produced with the technique of G.-M. Dubois.
  • Children of any age.
  • Patients affected by an atrophy of the eye, a squint or a discoloration.


Contacts :

 Name  Profession  Place
 Georges-Michel DUBOIS Ocularist  Yverdon, Switzerland.
 Jean-Christophe FORNASARI Ocularist  Geneva, Switzerland.
 Samer KAHIL Ocularist  Beyrouth, Lebanon.